1. Do you work alone or do you have a team with you?

I am the owner and only employee for my business. ..Maybe my dog should be my human resources department.. she hasn't received a new job title in a while... :-) All kidding aside, I will be the only person you talk with throughout this whole process.  I will go above and beyond to make sure your makeup as well as your experience with me is absolutely perfect!

2. I am interested in booking you for a trial to try out your services.  How do I go about doing so?

If you would like to book a trial with me, please email me at ashleylandry8@yahoo.com or click the contact tab above!  Once I receive your inquiry, I will make sure your wedding date has availability and then  we can discuss a time to schedule your trial session!  My trial session pricing is located on the pricing page. 

3. Where do I go for my trial and how long does it normally take?

I normally do my trials at my home and you are more than welcome to bring a friend or family member with you! During the trial, we will go through each step to make sure you love your look! It will take me around 45 minutes to 1 hour just so I/we can take our time. 

4. When should I book my trial session?

If you are booking me to try out my services, I recommend booking me as soon as possible because if you are then interested in booking for your wedding, I want to make sure you get your wedding date before someone else!  If you decide to book me for your wedding day, the trial session included in your bridal package will be booked anywhere from 1-3 months before your wedding!

5. Are the prices listed on your pricing page correct?

Yes!  I list everything that has to do with pricing on the page which is located above.  There are no other hidden fees or surprise fees for my clients other than what you see.

6. I have a bridal party of 8 or more people.  Is that too many for you?

Not at all!  I have done many many weddings anywhere from 8 to 13 people.  We just need to figure out the proper time to start to make sure everyone gets done by the time you need to leave for your pictures and ceremony. 

7. Do you do airbrushing?

I have always learned and have been taught that it is all in the techniques in which you apply makeup.  Pressing in foundations and powders prolong your makeup without a doubt.  I use all high end/ best of the best products on all of my clients.  I guarantee that your makeup will stay in place all day and night of your wedding.

8. Is your makeup waterproof?

There will be no mascara lines, no tear marks... NOTHING streaming down your face on your wedding day!  I know it is a very beautiful and emotional day and many many tears will be shed.  I guarantee everything will stay in place.

9. I'm not sure what kind of look I want on my wedding day since I don't wear much makeup.  Can you help me out?

Of course!  I know not everyone wears full glam makeup on a daily basis and above everything else, I just want to make sure you're satisfied and happy with your look.  First, I suggest looking through either Instagram or Pinterest at some makeup looks that you like.  You can also browse through my portfolio to see my past looks I have done on my clients!  Make sure you bring those photos with you to your trial so I have an idea of the type of look you are going for. For clients that don't wear much makeup, I like to start with every look being very minimal and if you want to add anything whether it's a darker shadow, more powder, etc. that's when I will do so.  I just want you to feel comfortable and confident in whatever look you choose.

10. What makeup brands do you use?

I use only high end products. Chanel, BECCA Cosmetics, MAC, NARS, Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Elcie Cosmetics, Makeup Geek, Stila Cosmetics, Make Up For Ever, Lancôme, Dior, Laura Mercier, Tarte Cosmetics, LORAC, Ardell Lashes, House of Lashes, and many more. Every product that I apply to your face is nothing but the best. All brushes that I use are by Sigma Beauty and Morphe Brushes which are also the best of the best.

11. What is your preferred payment method?

I accept either cash or check!

12. I would love to book you for my wedding! What is the next step in doing so?

It would be the biggest honor to be a part of your wedding day!  If you would like to book me, I usually ask for a 50% deposit of just YOUR bridal price so I can hold your wedding date. After that, I will email you asking information to fill out your contract.  The contract outlines my services, pricing, and gives you an invoice for your records.  After receiving the contract back, we can then discuss when to schedule your trial for your wedding day and then before you know it, the wedding day is here!