Hello, My name is Ashley and I can't wait to meet you.

Born and raised in New Jersey   -   Obsessed with everything and anything with makeup   -   Youngest child Biggest dog lover you'll ever meet   -   Coffee addict   -   Honestly, sugar addict in general -   Perfectionist      Loves the color purple   -   Fan of Norman Reedus and Taylor Hanson   -   Beach bum   -   Cooking is my hobby   Dances around the house with music on high -  Never a dull moment   -  Biggest. Klutz. Ever   -  Lord of the Rings Enthusiast   -   In love with this really cute guy  

My work is... the most important thing to me.  I am the biggest perfectionist and I want every single client to feel like a million bucks when they walk out my door.  There is no better reward to me than that. I think it is the biggest honor to be asked to do what I love and be such a huge part of someone's special moment and event. And my goal is to make everyone happy, comfortable, and to be the best makeup artist I can be in New Jersey.

Besides freelancing, I film and edit makeup videos on YouTube and I run my own blog.  (I know.. I honestly don't sleep much.)  It's a platform in which I can to show off my passion for makeup and share my most loved looks with my viewers.  And it's an added bonus that people can see my personality along with how many times a day I drop my brushes.. like I seriously have a problem. Connecting with everyone and creating a community has quickly become my favorite part of being a vlogger. I want to connect with every single person that takes the time to watch my tutorials. There is no better compliment than that to me.

When I don't have a blending brush in hand, you can always find me spending time with my boyfriend, my family, and my friends... and by friends I mean my best friends who have four legs and fur.  Penny is a Karelian Bear dog and is my shadow whenever I go.  Savannah is a Chiweenie, rescued from Tennessee, whose bark can be heard from a mile away.  And Chanel, the golden retriever who even at 60 pounds.. I still call my "little tiny friend".